When I am invited to speak to an audience — whether it be at a conference of thousands or a room of 10 team members — my mission is pretty simple: to provide value through authenticity and engagement.

I’ve spent years studying habits and strategies of great leaders who come from diverse backgrounds and practice diverse styles — and now I’m excited to share my lessons learned with you.

Experience the Power of Contextual Storytelling

Coming from the world of hospitality, I am a storyteller at heart. I truly believe every message is best delivered through the power of stories, and my job as a speaker is to contextualize these lessons, strategies and insights in ways that help my audiences take definitive action faster.

When you see me speak, I want you to find yourself in the stories I tell, and leave feeling empowered to chart a new course with your team, your business, or your career.

Support Beyond the “Lecture and Leave”

When you book me as a speaker, you are not just booking a talk…you’re booking a partner. I take the time at every event I attend to make myself available to your audience beyond my time on stage.

From large events to smaller breakout sessions to one-on-one consultations and more, my goal is your goal. To have a successful, stress-free, and dare I say…magical event.

Can’t Wait to Hear Your Story…

Working with new clients and learning about their events is one of the great joys of my career. Get in touch with me to discuss your speaking needs.

Creating Magic - Successful Change Management from the Board Room to the Frontline

What do the internet, the iPhone and MyMagic+ have in common? Each has revolutionized the customer experience. With technology changing at the speed of light, what makes some companies successful at rolling out new technologies? Is it magic? In this conversation, you will dive into change management utilized on the front lines of Disney and beyond and discover why some companies are successful and how their success continues to ripple through the Customer Experience…even today.

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Derived from Summer’s experience working as a leader with Walt Disney World and Disney Institute, The 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential will open you and your audience to the Magic of Leadership, an easy to implement model that shows how you and your organization can take very specific steps to create and maintain a high performing culture.

Are We There Yet?

It feels like the world has been in upheaval for years…even though it has only been one year. With pandemics, social unrest, and massive amounts of change in place, even the fullest of buckets is finding itself depleted. In this pixie-dusted conversation, you will join Summer Jelinek, prior Walt Disney World leader and current HR professional, as she shares her tips, tricks, and just a sprinkle of magic for navigating the current challenges.