How to handle battle lines drawn in the sand

Happy Tuesday!

What do you do when everyone is stressed out, tired and frustrated? You meet them with empathy, compassion and understanding. We are all nearing the end of our reserves. Emotions are running high, tempers are running short and battle lines are starting to be drawn in the sand. Whether with your family, your employees, your coworkers or your partner, knowing where the frustration is coming from is a good first step towards erasing the lines.

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  1. Excellent approach – your recommendation of entering the “line in the sand” situation by asking what the other person’s experiences have been, and what frustrations they are facing.

    • Thank you! Always important to find out the other person’s version. Amazing how it is always what I am not expecting.

  2. Summer, It’s never too late to go back and say what you think after the fact. Good for you to have approached your colleague again with empathy and a willingness to listen.

    • It was a hard lesson to learn when I was younger. It still isn’t easy, but the importance is now undeniable.

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