When I say I come from a small town, I don’t mean “my graduating class was a few hundred kids”, I mean I come from a town so small that the Town Sheriff was also my bus driver…

I knew from a young age I wanted to get out into the world. I wanted to make an impact far beyond my little town in Southwest Louisiana. I wanted to be a leader…

A Lifelong Pursuit of Influence

Ever since I left home, I’ve been obsessed with leadership. Whether it be my years honing my skills at ski resorts, dude ranches and kitchens, my time learning management strategy in business school, or my years perfecting my craft in the hospitality industry with world-class organizations like Disney, I’ve always been fascinated with leaders who could work with and through their teams and drive results through influence.

As a naturally curious person, I started studying the strategies and styles of leaders who drive real results; leaders who shared my style and didn’t always make sense on paper but consistently got results quarter after quarter, year after year. And that’s when I started to see patterns that changed the way I viewed leadership altogether.

Finding the Magic No Matter the Style

The more I studied, the more I realized that success as a leader wasn’t tied to being aggressive vs. passive, or demanding vs. supportive. Instead, I saw leaders with polar opposite styles both getting results because they understood the real drivers of success. They were able to build purpose, to ignite action, inspire teams, and stay centered in the face of adversity.

Now, as a consultant and leadership education specialist, I have the pleasure of sharing the lessons I’ve learned from great leaders as well as my own philosophies on motivating teams, communicating clear vision, and finding the magic that reshapes businesses for the better.

Let’s Make Magic Together

One of the great joys of my life is the opportunity to work with dedicated, inspired individuals and businesses looking to constantly improve. Whether it is speaking at your next event or working personally with your team, I’d love to hear your story and help you find your magic!

I have had the honor to see Summer speak on multiple occasions. I found her style engaging, entertaining and genuine. She offered practical, usable advice that the audience was able to implement immediately

Bill Zanetti
Founding Member of the Entertainment Management Advisory Board - Rosen College of Hospitality Management
PhD Student - University of Central Florida

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