Is your organization missing the magic?

Why choose Summer?

Many of us have felt the incredible magic caused by working with an amazing leader. We have also felt the destruction left by a bad manager. And the apathy of a so so manager. When looking at the number one influence on the success of a business, it begins and ends with leadership.

  • Does your business hire bright, excited and energized leaders only to wonder what happened when looking at their results?
  • Do you feel like leadership is a game and you don't know the rules?
  • Are you looking to deliver exceptional results while surrounded by competent and functioning teams?

About Summer

Over 20 years of experience

Summer brings experience from over 20 years in various leadership positions including Retail and Restaurant Leadership at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as well as a facilitator with the world renowned Disney Institute.

The M.A.G.I.C. Model

If your organization is lacking the magic, Summer can offer the M.A.G.I.C. model, a tool created through her unique insight and experiences to guide leaders towards finding their magic - and in the process, improving employee retention and engagement and driving profitability.


What do customers say?

Summer has a unique way of looking at leadership and a way of weaving the lessons into stories that are easy to understand and digest. Her M.A.G.I.C. model allows for a clear roadmap to follow for all levels of leadership
Michele Miersch
Theme Park Leader
Audra Coats-Hudson
Strategic Director, Working Moms Connection
I have had the honor to see Summer speak on multiple occasions. I found her style engaging, entertaining and genuine. She offered practical, usable advice that the audience was able to implement immediately.
Bill Zanetti
Founding Member of the Entertainment Management Advisory Board
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